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Meet Jimmie

Jimmie's greatest passion is to educate the public about the important role hunters play as stewards of nature. Because of his sincere appreciation for wildlife, and enthusiasm to help promote conservation, he is involved in the hunting industry in many capacities. Jimmie is the Owner/Hunting Consultant/Coordinator of worldwide hunting excursions for Trophy Concierge. In addition, he is a measurer for Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, and Rowland Ward.

Jimmie is a full-time hunting consultant, understanding the time and energy devoted to choosing the right outfitter or professional hunter is a full time job. He has traveled extensively to hunt new areas and to visit new outfitters and professional hunters. This experience is very valuable to him as a hunting consultant, as it provides additional options to offer future outdoor enthusiasts. Jimmie's primary responsibility is to ensure you have the hunting trip you've dreamed about. Whether it is a whitetail hunt in Canada, red stag in New Zealand, brown bears in Alaska, or an African Safari. If he doesn't have it, he'll help you find it.

Expect to see Jimmie on your adventure. He does not arrange an outdoor adventure unless he plans on personally accompanying the guests as well. This should provide additional comfort in the fact that you have chosen the best operation. Jimmie chose to operate in this manner in order to ensure your adventure goes as smoothly as possible, from airline tickets to CITES permits, you will have no worries as he is on-scene to handle or assist with any situation. This can be accomplished with the fact that Jimmie works with only the best in the business, family and friends that work closely together to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. In most cases, Jimmie is licensed to guide the hunt or excursion himself.

Jimmie has achieved many fine accomplishments in his 37 years. He considers the completion of the South African Professional Hunters Course to be his most appreciated. Under the instruction of Zoriah Steyn, Jimmie earned the prestigious certification to operate as an Outfitter/Professional Hunter in South Africa. As an apprentice, Jimmie's dedication to exceed the course standards were influenced under the mentorship of Egene Van Niekerk, Pieter Meintjes, Theuns Botha, and Bennie Osmers.

In North America, Jimmie credits the humble actions of Jack & Karen Hooker of Ovando, Montana. Former owner of WTR Outfitters, Jack saw to it that Jimmie learned the importance of being very meticulous in every aspect of life. That, along with a positive attitude, has taken him beyond the borders of the North American continent to live out his dreams. Great praise also goes out to Maria, Miguela, and Ron Nemetchek; extended family of the North. Even though few individuals have achieved great recognition as solo players, Jimmie readily admits that his accomplishments were made possible by surrounding himself with the most honorable people this business has ever known.