Big Game Hunts With Trophy Concierge

Dedicated to providing hunting opportunities throughout the world.

Scotland / England

These hunts are conducted in England and Scotland from private hotels and the hunt for each species will take place on exclusive hunting estates. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to hunt up to 14 different species of big game in one hunting trip.

Hunt the majestic Scottish red stag in the misty mountain weather of the Highlands. Land fat salmon and trout from sparkling, pure streams and lochs. Or enjoy legendary Scottish wingshooting - perhaps the finest on earth. When the day is done, you'll relax in a classic Scottish hunting estate, warmed by a peat fire and perhaps a wee dram of single-malt, while you await the sumptuous creations of a superb European chef. And while you can enjoy Scottish hospitality and superb hunting on your own, it would be a shame not to bring your favorite lassie. The accommodations are shamefully luxurious, and the romance of the Highlands is unavoidable.

Come hunt or fish the land of legends - the land of kings and queens. And enjoy some royal treatment while you're here.